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Uffort Surgical, PLLC is a general surgery practice based in Houston, TX. We utilize minimally invasive techniques when possible in the management of surgical diseases. These techniques are chosen for your care to provide minimal scars, less pain, faster healing and a shorter hospital stay.

World Renowned Training

Mentored by a world renowned laparoscopic surgeon at the Texas Endosurgery Institute, our Surgeon utilizes proven training and systems from pioneers of laparoscopic surgery.

Less Pain. Faster Healing.

Minimally invasive techniques have been proven to result in minimal scars, less pain, faster healing and early return to work or passion when compared to large incisions utilized in open surgical techniques.

It’s All About You.

Every surgical treatment plan involves the patient at every step. We explain the treatment options in simple terms and make decisions together with you and/or family. We believe that you are a part of the treatment team and we are grateful and humbled to be part of the team.

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  • Ekong E. Uffort,
    MD, FACS

    Dr. Uffort is a Board Certified and fellowship trained General Surgeon. He completed his fellowship training in Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery.